Semi-permanent make-up – this is essentially a cosmetic tattoo where selected pigments are inserted into the skin to naturally enhance sparse eyebrows, define a lip-line or to provide the perfect eyeliner. We can also reconstruct the areola/nipple area following mastectomy.

Red vein treatment and minor skin blemishes, (skin tags, milia) – unsightly red veins and blood spots can be quickly and effectively removed from the face and body as well as other minor skin blemishes with diathermy cautery.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) – similar to a laser IPL offers a gentle, non-invasive and long lasting solution to removing unwanted hair. Following a consultation and patch test 5 – 8 sessions is normally required, given approximately monthly.

Ecolite photofacial technology – photo-rejuvenation helps to improve the visible signs of skin ageing, excellent for removing pigmentation from sun damage and firming the skin. It is also the treatment of choice for facial rosacea and acne type conditions.