Chiropractic – the Clanfield Chiropractic clinic is a healthcare practice with a difference based in GRACE medi spa and serves the surrounding area. We are dedicated to helping people attain a state of optimum health through the use of chiropractic treatment, postural work, soft tissue therapy and sport massage.

Whether your goal is to reduce pain, increase mobility, improve sporting performance or simply stay on top of issues, with over 12 years of experience, Doctor Felisa Pham (Chiropractor) is here to help. Using a modern, evidence-based approach we create personal treatment plans that focus on the patient as an individual and we aim to help patients make informed decisions about their health and provide information on how to keep fit and healthy.

For appointments call: 023 9200 5136

Acupuncture – five element and traditional Chinese Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles at selected points on the body. The aim of the treatment is to balance the body’s energy so that a health balance can be achieved. It can help to treat and prevent disease of a physical, mental and spiritual nature. Katie Powell RGN, BSC(Hons), LicAc, MBAcC is our resident Acupuncturist.

Manual lymphatic drainage – a highly specialised technique pioneered by Dr. Vodder. A gentle, flowing, harmonious massage that effectively stimulates the lymphatic system. Excellent for the immunity and for clients who cannot take a “pressure” massage, i.e. those suffering form painful or inflamed conditions. Highly analgesic, detoxifying and sedative. Suitable for a wide range of conditions during acute and chronic stages. Medically used to reduce painful lymphoedemas. There are many beauty benefits too, acclaimed anti-ageing benefits, reducing eye puffiness and cellulite. Lymph drainage is recommended after cosmetic surgery procedures to reduce swelling and bruising, promote healing and recovery.

Aromatherapy massage – using the natural healing energies of essential oils this is a unique and synergistic treatment for each client.

Swedish style massage – a combination of techniques are used depending on client preferences and needs, from gentle and relaxing moves that soothe away mental and physical stress to deeper and more penetrating techniques that locate and treat specific problem areas within the tissues.

Thai traditional massage – based on a therapeutic healing practice that has existed in Thailand for more than 1000 years; Thai massage aims to balance and strengthen the Sen or body’s energy to aid good health, well-being and immunity. It is performed with the client lightly clothed lying on a mat on the floor – no oils are used. The techniques employed involve deep controlled pressure along the energy lines and a significant amount of stretching, (often termed “assisted yoga”) is used. Benefits include relief from muscular fatigue, stiffness, spasm, tension and pain. It restores correct joint and muscular mobility and is ultimately re-energising and refreshing. Long term improvements include postural rehabilitation, strengthening the body and an overall anti-ageing effect.

Thai foot massage – like Thai body massage, this too is based on Thai traditional medical scripture and aims to stimulate the energy points located in the feet, similar to reflexology. It will promote healthy activity of the internal organs and improve the circulation. It balances the 4 elements of the body as sickness can result if they are not functioning in harmony. The treatment involves a combination of deep massage and pressure point techniques to the legs and feet, applied with both the hands and a traditional wooden stick, using cream.

Volcanic stone therapy – the gentle and healing warmth of the basalt stones significantly enhances the benefits of normal massage. Basalt is formed from lava and is a mass of many minerals. Stones are placed over the energy areas of the body and also used to massage with. The result is a warming, comforting and thoroughly indulging treatment.

Indian head massage – a traditional Indian technique of treating the upper back, neck scalp and face while the client is seated and clothed. Invigorating and stimulating, it is highly effective for easing tension and stress.

Thermal auricular therapy – hollow candles, impregnated with beneficial natural extracts are gently inserted into the ear. As they slowly burn down they produce suction and massaging effect deep within the ear cavity. Ideal for children who find syringing uncomfortable. They reduce wax build-up, sinus congestion, headaches and many other ear troubles.

Reflexology – every part of the body has its corresponding reflex point on the feet or hands, imbalances in the energy lines of the body can be detected in these areas and assisted through a specific type of massage. Most clients report significant improvements in their well-being, immune and vitality levels.