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better-legsVaricose and thread veins develop when the veins, which transport blood from the legs to the heart, become enlarged to such an extent that they become visible, lumpy and painful. The non return valves attached to the vein wall no longer function properly and high pressure can develop in the veins of the leg.

This causes the familiar aching and itching associated with varicose veins, but may cause more serious problems such as ulceration, which is more common in later life and may be difficult to heal.

The 21st century offers a variety of options for treating varicose veins, ranging from a pair of compression stockings which merely support the veins to surgery where incompetent veins are disconnected and removed together with lumpy surface veins.

There are several minimally invasive methods also available which involve destroying malfunctioning veins by chemical foam injection or by selaing the veins using a radio frequency catheter (VNUS™) or a laser (EVLT™), each have different advantages. All of these methods should be carefully guided by ultrasound scanning.

An ultrasound scan will help identify how individual veins in your legs function and support bespoke treatment.

Using his wide experience and technical expertise, Simon Payne will discuss with you the various treatment options available, providing reassuring guidance and advice to help ensure that the treatment option you decide upon is the right one for you.


Mr Simon Payne MB ChB MD FRCS(Eng) Dip.ABRSM
Consultant General Vascular Surgeon

simon-cropped-web-profileMr Simon Payne Qualified from Leicester University Medical School in 1986, and trained in Vascular and General Surgery in Oxford, Sydney, Leicester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

His research into colour duplex scanning in venous disease and varicose veins led to his MD thesis. He has published and presented over 30 research papers on vascular surgery – the majority being on venous disease.

Mr Payne was appointed Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon to Portsmouth Hospitals in 1998 at the age of 34. His particular interests within vascular surgery are venous disease (ranging from thread vein treatment through to managing venous ulcers) and carotid surgery for stroke prevention.

Mr Payne is one of nine venous specialists on Spire Healthcare’s national advisory panel for treatment of varicose veins and board member of the British Association of Sclerotherapists (